"...the more you attract customers who shouldn’t be getting these loans in the first place. There’s a moral hazard built in there."

That's adverse selection :)

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Nov 20, 2023Liked by Pranay Kotasthane

Nice stuff as always gents. I had missed the piece by a16z. It feels like it was written in early 2021 but published last month. Couldn't quite get through it.

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@RSJ Well, it's a manifesto. It's to rally the believers. Plus, the genre is not particularly known for addressing the nuances. So, seems appropriate to me in a contest of ideas.

He might have an inclination for such passionate advocacy on occasions. I remember one of his posts during early Covid period, where he exhorted America to start again to build things, as the supply chain shock took place. Considering IRA subsidies, the US has actually pivoted in the direction of reshoring in certain areas.

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Tech-optimism is itself a bit much...

Technology can never solve political economy ..

At best tech solutionism works on margin...

It is neither necessary nor sufficient condition for betterment of society.. It is rather tools of "reductive seduction of bettering other people's lives"..

What happened after introduction of app-based monitoring in ICDS is worth pondering... Here no qualified and enough (wo-)manpower are there in the system..Now those stuffs need to do regular update on " Poshan tracker" app to the detriment of doing their stipulated jobs that a is teaching and feeding the children

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would love to read your book. but why does kindle version costs more than paperback? it would be awesome if you can enlighten on the economics of such pricing.

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Thanks. It doesn't. The Kindle version costs less than the paperback, as it should.

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I kind of liked the manifesto. 😨

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