#150 One Country, Infinite VarietyListen now | The right kind of growth. Not being like your enemy. RBI and auto-debit cancellation. Friedman on India of the 50s and its prospects
#149 Turning And Turning In The Widening Gyre Listen now (22 min) | Hype on decentralisation. Judging China's tech prowess. Health data.
#148 All The Wrong ReasonsListen now (26 min) | Farm Laws repeal. North - South divide
#147 Bole Choodiyan, Bole Kangana?Listen now (23 min) | Good policies. Frameworks for them. And, a short history of sedition
#146 Woke Up On The 'Right' SideListen now (20 min) | Against wokeism. Emission impact in policy calculus. Bertrand Russell on kindly feeling.
#145 The Escalation Ladder of OutrageListen now (22 min) | Karwa Chauth ads, Dictator's Handbook, Right to Sit, and Institutional Policy Change in India
#144 Yeh Democracy Hai Aur Yahan Hamari Pawri Ho Rahi HaiListen now (24 min) | Representation and Party Politics. One Europe, One Charger
A guide to calling people names. A theory of mass movements
The Indian 'Nation', Opportunity Cost in Foreign Policy, Cognitive Maps in Political Economy, and more
Two Books Critiquing Modern Economics. And, What Causes Delhi Smog?
Regulation is a pedagogical bad. Consumption is a pedagogical good.
Why Brokers shouldn't get a bad name. We had anticipated how Production Linked Incentives (PLIs) will turn out.